Bam, you aint gettin into the City of Talos

Go on..I dare you to try

New Throne Room,  updated and glorified to make the Diarchs of Falkorr sit upon thrones of epicness!  



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Dere.  Defensified 

The Guardian Towers.  Towers if old that have held of sieges and attacks and shielded the people of the City of Talos from strife.  

Battlefield 3 

Is incredible,  go buy it…now…like stop what your doing and go get it.  

Dear T-Knight

We are using the John Smith V1.8 Texture Pack. Here is a link so you may use it too:

Here is the start of the Kingsroad, extending out toward the desert.  And the Start of our city wall, wich will eventually wrap around the entire city

You can tell when someone isnt an actual minecraft player, when they look at what you’ve created and ask, how long did that take you? Bitch, it took however long it wanted to take, you dont rush the minecraft! — Chucklesjr21

Here is the inside of the high castle….yes, i was not kidding when i said clearing out a mountain, and with only 2 of us….it takes a while,  anyone wanna join and help out?

Working! I promise!

Building is happening,  just…..on a massive scale.  And we want to release the finished project,  but we may resort to posting the building process as well,  just a thought


minecraftpickuplines asked: Woww, this is a really nice world. I'm jealous XD

Why thank you, as you well know, we try our hardest to please.  You should have seen our other world,  it was even more massive.  

Like 4 of the castles we have now.

Plus 20 smaller ones

Game of Thrones Anyone?  If your a fan of the series, you may recognize this as a weirwood forrest, built right into our castle,  a place to speak your prayers to the old gods,  for winter is coming.  If you’ve never heard of game of thrones….something is seriously wrong with you

Here it tis!  The new additions to the castle,  sorry it took so long,  been busy lately, but yea, we’ve added a wall almost all the way around, and walkways to match!  Woot!